(cm yoga)
  • gentle yoga, yoga/pilates, restorative and chair yoga
  • meditation instruction
  • yoga at the The Darwin Martin House, Buffalo and Erie County
    Botanical Gardens, and Trinity Old Lutheran Church
  • onsite corporate wellness programs for BC/BS
  • participating provider for WNY BC/BS,
    Independent Health's Health Extras program, and certain Univera

Cm yoga is affiliated with Oasis Yoga and Wellness - providing yoga, meditation,
fitness and wellness programs designed to refresh and restore body, mind and

Cm yoga's mission is to introduce as many students as possible to the benefits of
yoga and meditation through the instruction of a gentle style of hatha yoga.  

Gentle Yoga is meant for everyone - yoga beginners and yoga veterans, athletes
with a desire to improve flexibility,  and anyone at any age or fitness level who wants
to stretch, strengthen, and relax at a gentle pace.  With a gentle approach, you will
see positive results in strength, flexibility and  mental attitude without causing
strain, injury, or added stress to your body.  Class includes:
  • progressive body relaxation
  • pranayama (breathing practice)
  • postures to warm up joints and muscles
  • classic yoga postures for stretching and strengthening
  • meditation instruction and practice

Students with physical limitations or injuries are welcome; modifications to
postures and the use of props make our classes customized to student needs.

For those who want a more vigorous practice, we have added a gentler Power
Yoga Flow Class that includes pilates to strengthen the core,  and adequate time
for warming up and cooling down.

On Wednesday evenings,  join us for a gentle practice at the South Buffalo
Botanical Gardens amidst the varied seasonal foliage.

To support your practice at home, go to the Buy "Everyday Yoga" tab to
purchase DVDs, CDs, and MP3s produced by Leanne Oldenbrook and
VRA Associates.  Private yoga lessons are also an option.

C M Yoga is a participating provider for WNY Blue Cross/Blue
Shield/Community Blue (covered in full for a 10-week session twice a
year!), Independent Health's Health Extras program, and Univera.

Call 716-864-1194 or  email crescmnyoga@yahoo.com for more
information.  Major credit cards are accepted.

All classes at
Trinity and the
Botanical Gardens
suspended until
week of April 6.  
See you then and
please stay safe!